I'm Stanley Munga

Who am I?

About Me

I am an experienced IT professional with expertise in Computer Networks, System Administration, Systems Security, Computer Support, and Software Development. 

Driven by my passion for delivering unmatched services to society, I aim to contribute my abilities, time, and intellect to an institution dedicated to meeting societal needs. I am committed to promoting and supporting the effective use of computing technology while upholding social-ethical and professional values for the betterment of the community.


Ngigi Stanley Munga


Nairobi, Kenya.

Phone Number

+ 254 794737566

What Do I Do?

Project Management

As a dedicated and results-driven Project Manager, I thrive on transforming ideas into successful realities. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for delivering excellence, I specialize in orchestrating and executing projects with precision and efficiency.

Professional Mentoring

I am an experienced and dedicated Professional Mentor, empowering growth and unlocking potential. I am Committed to excellence and I guide individuals towards achieving remarkable success in their journey.

Curriculum Development

An Expert Curriculum Developer, I am experienced in crafting transformative learning experiences. Specializing in engaging content, critical thinking, and adaptability to meet evolving educational needs. Let's shape the future of education together.

My Experience

Assistant Knowledge Manager

June, 2022 – Present

  • Assistant Knowledge Manager at Power Learn Project (PLP), driving transformative change for African youth by providing quality and decentralized tech training.
  • Responsible for managing curriculum and training projects, ensuring relevance and alignment with tech industry advancements.
  • Overseeing student product management, tracking progress, and providing personalized support for continuous growth.
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing and fostering a collaborative learning environment within the organization.
  • Contributing to PLP’s mission of empowering youth with essential tech skills for success in the industry.l